Because we care about growth of our employees

A team is only as strong as it's weakest link.

―Mark Grey


Education and ability to grow of every employee is a priority. The world of IT is changing every day and we must keep up with new trends and rise to its challenges.
That is why all our employees undergo extensive training. Through corporate education and development, we connect people in real time with the information they need to create added value for our customers.

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Education first or first education?

It does not really matter, we will train you!

django python postgresql react

As mentioned above, we really do care about education. That means trainings in various technologies we use, for our freshmen. It includes django, Python, PostgreSQL, ReactJS and various types of tools such as GIT, Slack, etc.

Our core technologies are Django and ReactJS, therefore we emphasize that our employees master them at the required level.

The key to the development of independent continuous education for employees is constant improvement through problem solving in development and high employee involvement. We are aware of the importance of "peer-to-peer" education.

How we roll

Just read the sentence.
Everything is written there.

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