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Helping clients achieve their digital ideas, since 2015

We help clients to achieve their digital ideas with young, yet experienced & open minded teams of software engineers and product designers.

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Our mission is to build brands, comprehensive ecommerce and portal solutions in combination with returning customers.


To become one of the strongest digital players in delivering comprehensive digital solutions with latest technologies in CEE region.


Clean Code, Eye-catching Design, Management in House, Automation. DRY, KISS

How we work

Here you can find something from "under the roof" of our little-big digital studio.

Processes. Rules. Cookbook.

We strongly insist on fixed processes and procedures to ensure the same approach from everyone in team. That is how we ensure the same quality output for each client. Therefore we have established procedures of right gitflow “manners” during the development process. Worth to mention is our own mini cookbook for team development.

Django positive

Most of our projects are written in python web framework django. Through educating new colleagues we expand highly skilled django developers in Slovakia. We are also planning public education in this very flexible django framework and help newbies to do their best in the future.

In touch with students

Almost every year, we educate senior students by working in a team on a real project to  taste the reality of stunning IT world. During the 4 months process on a real IT project they gain experience in teamwork, following proper rules & processes and primarily coding in django. The proof is our participation and support of the Live IT projects in cooperation with the Technical University of Košice, Department of Computers and Informatics and IT Valley.


Live IT Projects are a large-scale project of cooperation with practice under the auspices of the Department of Computers and Informatics and IT Valley.

In Live IT Projects, students work in teams for 4 months on real IT projects given by product owners from practice. In the end, the students present their projects in front of a large audience and a committee, in a presentation of 2.5 minutes and compete for prizes.

The project is unique in its scale and innovative method of teaching via SCRUM.

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How we roll

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